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  • HMS Queen Elizabeth (replaces small oil rig) - STOVL super carrier to be launched in 2012 to carry 36 F35 Lightnings, several Merlin helicopters and airborne early warning aircraft.
  • HMS Prince of Wales (replaces Nimitz) - STOBAR variant of the Queen Elizabeth class based on a design study to adopt the Sea Typhoon rather than the F35 - t be launched 2014
  • HMS Daring (replaces some Sail Boats) - Type 45 Air Defence Destroyer; currently undergoing sea trials, to be followed by 5 more of her class over the next 4 years
  • UXV Mothership (replaces Frigate) - BAE Systems design being proposed to the RN for a mothership to carry UAVs and unmanned submersible craft. Planned in service date of 2020

X-Plane Development Edit

All ships have been created with hard decks. You can therefore land an aircraft on the runways or helipads of these ships.


  • The downloaded zip file will expand into a folder.
  • Copy this folder into the x-plane/custom scenery folder
  • This scenery package contains a library.txt file that replaces the default ships and oil platforms with theese objects only in the region surrounding the British Isles. To utilise these objects elsewhere, you can adjust the library.text file (Tutorial on how to do this) or use the objects in Overlay Editor.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth
HMS Queen Elizabeth
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