McDonnell Douglas AV8A
McDonnell Douglas AV8A in USMC default livery
Aircraft AV-8A
Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas / Hawker
Year 1967 (Harrier GR1)
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, Close Air Support
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 8.64
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds No
Custom Instruments Yes
3D Cockpit Yes
3D Object Yes
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background Edit

The RAF, USAF and Luftwaffe undertook lengthy evaluation of the Kestrel with NATO funding of the 9 evaluation airframes. The USAF kept hold of 6 of the planes, so it was a bit of a surprise when the US Marine Corps not the Air Force became the first export customer for the Harrier. The desire of the USMC to 'buy American' led to the establishment of the joint venture between BAE and McDonnell Douglas in St Louis to build the aircraft and initiate a technology transfer over the Atlantic. The so called AV-8A had some minor modifications the the avionics (HUD, IFF) to make it more compatible with USMC operations, and by the time it was ordered, Rolls Royce had squeezed 5% more power out of the pegasus.

X-Plane Development Edit

This is an evolution of the Harrier GR1 X-Plane model


There are no additional liveries with this aircraft

Installation & Flight Edit

Unzip into X-plane/Aircraft

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