P1214-3 in RAF default livery
Aircraft P1214-3
Manufacturer Hawker
Year 1983 (Design Frozen)
Power Jet
Primary Use Military, close air support
Developer Daniel_g
X-Plane Version 8.64
Development Status Published
Custom Sounds No
Custom Instruments Yes
3D Cockpit Yes
3D Object Yes
Licence Freeware

Aircraft Background Edit

In order to resolve the pitch control problems with the P1205-11, BAe were able to raise the engine and centre of thrust by removing the rear of the fuselage and creating a twin boom aircraft. Initial studies resulted in the evolution of the P1205-11 into the P1212, however the forward swept wing P1214 made a much more striking and maneuverable aircraft.

The P1214-3 never got further than an interesting study, with the RAF’s AST.403 battlefield air-to-air evolving with normally swept wings into the P1216.

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